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Name: Leon
Title: The Outcast
Race: Kokiri
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Birth Season: Winter
Occupation: Adventurer
Homeland: Hyrule
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Element: Time
Plot Role: Not Yet Found
Positive Personality Trait 1: Loyal to friends
Positive Personality Trait 2: Enjoys making people happy
Positive Personality Trait 3: Friendly
Positive Personality Trait 4: Hospitable to strangers
Positive Personality Trait 5: Trusts most people
Negative Personality Trait 1: Easily depressed
Negative Personality Trait 2: Can be arrogant
Negative Personality Trait 3: While nice, can be easily angered
Negative Personality Trait 4: Distrusts humans
Negative Personality Trait 5: Can be quick to judge
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: White
Height: 54 Inch
Weight: 84 Lbs
History: One of the very few Kokiri ever born without a fairy, he was shunned by the village and lived as an outcast. After finding a strange sword in the woods, and finding out he seemed to have a natural proficiency with it, the other Kokiri grew afraid of his new found skill and forced him to live outside the village limits. The Great Deku Tree felt that Leon had a destiny beyond these woods, and after telling Leon of this, the young Kokiri boy requested permission to go pursue this destiny. (This is the part where you tell me whether or not I have to do some grand task before leaving to Termina)
Extra: The Strange sword looks similar to the Razor sword, and may hold an ability (That will not be OP I promise) that Leon has not yet learned of.
OOC Name: Micheal
Other Characters: Kiru