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Name: Einnashe Impa Zeil
Title: Hyrule's Sentinel of Truth
Race: Sheikah
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Birth Season: Winter
Occupation: Hyrule Castle's Royal Guard
Homeland: Hyrule
Alignment: Lawful Good
Element: Shadow
Plot Role: Official Royal Guard
Positive Personality Trait 1: Serene
Positive Personality Trait 2: Loyal
Positive Personality Trait 3: Clever
Positive Personality Trait 4: Courageous
Positive Personality Trait 5: Honest
Negative Personality Trait 1: Stubborn
Negative Personality Trait 2: Detached
Negative Personality Trait 3: Over-protective
Negative Personality Trait 4: Harsh
Negative Personality Trait 5: Sarcastic
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: White
Height: 6'3
Weight: 153 lbs
History: A distant time, a distant land...she had a place to call her own, and belonged. Yet time is cruel to fragile things like memories...To a child named Einnashe, she had little recollection of the home from which she was raised. She only always knew that when her eyes opened there were flames, and destruction.

A war had broken out in that land. A cruel war that slain many and forced many like herself to struggle to survive. Unable to allow herself the luxury of weeping in mourning for the life she once had...

She did not fall victim to amnesia, but rather forgotten for the sake of having the strength to live on. The only thing she'd remember of her home from then on were faces. Faces and the occasional voice that haunted her dreams when she rested, and urged her on when she was weak.

[b][i]'Live on, Einnashe.'[/i]

[/b]The war raged on. The child soon found that there was no escape. Monster and man alike were her foes, and her mere appearances to them were more than enough to strike conflict. Being what she was had been one thing, being a small and fragile girl was another...

But then as life continued on...

Running away countless times...

Clinging to life stubbornly...

Running, hiding, fighting, struggling, surviving...eventually her mind was made up. This harsh world wasn't going to trample all over her a day longer.

At the age of nine she held a sword in her hands for the first time and slayed a wolf. She ate its meat and lived off the land as a huntress. She taught herself to make clothing, she honed her abilities in stealth, she fought beasts and dined on their bones every day and night.

By the time she'd come in contact with civilization again she was almost an animal herself. But somehow that brought about no barbaric thoughts of survival to her mind. While there were rules to nature, there was no reason to lose her sense of identity.

After all she still had her name...

[b][i]'Don't cry, Einnashe'

[/i][/b]The child found herself in Kakariko Village. The air stung her eyes, but she never could understand why. So rather than actually entering the village, she hung about the edges of it. She lived in the plains around it. Slept under the clear night's sky with only rocks or the occasional protecting height of  a tree's branches as shelter.

Naturally the villagers eventually became so concerned about her they made an effort to coax her into living with them. It didn't work, but she did slowly start to visit on frequent occasion. 

There she regained her knowledge of speech; common tongue. She slowly began to understand aspects of civilization once more and started to become a little more social. Though for whatever reason she never came to choose a home for herself there, and stuck to either living in the open outskirts...she felt a little like she belonged again.

Until a name came to her ears from a surprised Hylian that suddenly recognized her features.


[/i]That single word caused a world of pain for her. Not by fault of the people around her, but by fault of her heart and mind. Suddenly she was different from everyone else...and though the people around her were overjoyed by the fact. She couldn't coupe. So quietly her identity crisis struck...and the voices in her head from that long time ago rung with a deplorable feeling in her bones.

Was someone like her fit to be called 'Sheikah'?

Perhaps that faithful trip to that [i]well[/i] was what allowed her mind to be made up...

Though the truth of the matter is foggy at best, it's a known fact that Einnashe found herself with-in the place of shadow and spirit under Kakariko Village;[i] The House of the Dead[/i]. This being all for the sake of a young boy discovered to have accidentally fallen in that old well and had been missing for days.

Fortunately..she did manage to save that boy. But she came out a different person. Suddenly her heart was no longer shaken by the thought of being born of the blood of 'Shadow Folk'; the Seers of Truth. 

A qoute fondly kept by the people of Kakariko Village lasts in rumors about this woman to this very day:

"Had it not been for the shadows quivering so in my presence, I think I might have managed to be afraid."

[b][i]'Be strong, Einnashe.'[/i] [/b]

At age twelve she found resolve to wander again. She left her comfortable 'post' near the entrance of Kakariko Village and decided to adventure about the various lands of the world. For some reason she felt drawn to the somehow something was calling her. 

After her experiences in the well...she realized something that she could not bring to words. She had a 'promise' to keep. A promise she didn't understand...but felt a push she could not simply ignore from. She felt that she needed to become stronger, that she needed more power, and that she needed it--oddly enough--for the sake of someone else.

Someone she could not name; even imagine the face of.

So she decisively saved up and bought a sword. She bid the villagers 'farewell' and began her unguided journey to find what her mind somehow separated as both 'power' and 'strength'.

Many adventures followed, many new friends were gained, and stories were made. Her sword became a terror to enemies of the common folk. She was matchless for quite a long time. Yet somehow that wasn't enough--even for this twelve year-old prodigy of the blade.

It wasn't enough until the child met another child. A child not so different from herself. 

'The Wandering Sheikah Child' stories became 'The 'Wandering Sheikah and Twili Children' stories. As a result...soon Einnashe understood her promise. Meaning suddenly grew into strength, and her sword became terrifying for an entirely different reason:

She fought with a purpose that went beyond just her own beliefs, but carried the loving desire to strike for the sake of others.

[b style="font-style:italic;"]'Protect , Einnashe.'[/b]

[i]"If there be a man whom deserves to become a knight of Hyrule Castle he shall win in these tournaments and flawlessly pass these three trials! There shall only be three victors whom will be chosen to hold a sword for the sake of the castle and Hyrule its self! Whom dares accept the challenge?!"[/i]

Shock and amusement struck when a mere 13 year-old Einnashe stepped forward among the crowd of men and women whom accepted the challenge. The youngest challenger caused an uproar of laughter that only caused a competitive glow and smile on her expression. Only a few saw it, but when they did it became a well enjoyed feature of the story that would follow.

Six contestants for the challenges of the three trials for a place on the Hyrule Knight's roster came from that tournament. Of all of then the youngest challenger, a 13 year-old girl bested the most combatants with some reasonable difficulty, with decisive, unquestionable victory.

By the end of that tournament alone, she'd wiped the smirks and sneers off of many faces and all with a pleasantly entertained smile of her own. [i]Something that became rather famous on its own.[/i]

The three trials followed. By the end of them she was very well, understandably, tired and beaten raw by their difficulty...yet still she prevailed and was chosen as one of the three newest knights of Hyrule at that time.

Then...she was again recognized by the name of her kind.


[i]"It seems it was no coincidence..."[/i], the King would tell her,[i]" Even with-in your name and blood lies your destiny. Know that now a very high expectation is upon you, and every eye will be watching you. By virtue of being was perhaps decided that you would be here."[/i]

[i]"No, My king."[/i], she replied,[i]" By virtue of me honoring who I am it was decided I would be here. It is I, Einnashe Impa Zeil, whom wish to serve as what the Sheikah have desired to themselves since the beginning of our kind's association with the Goddess. My destiny is my own, it is simply that it will be for your's and everyone else's sake by the will of my heart.

[/i][i]Let whomever will watch. They won't see my resolve waver or fail you."

"A fine knight awaits us then, it seems."

"I do ask a favor, though, My lord. Please see to it that my most beloved friend also be at my side whenever they wish. It is because of them that I am here, just as much as my own will."
Sure enough...Einnashe Impa Zeil's status grew, and her rank amongst the knights soared until finally she sat at the place of Royal Guard.

Further it seemed...

[i]The Wandering Sheikah and Twili Children[/i] stories became the [i]Royal Knight Sheikah and Twili[/i] Page stories.

As seems only [i]half[/i] of the story is told.

[b][i]'Be happy, Einnashe.'[/i][/b]
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