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Name: Golan
Title: The World of Twilight's Chronicler
Race: Twili
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birth Season: Autumn
Occupation: Librarian
Homeland: World of Twilight
Alignment: Neutral Good
Element: Shadow
Plot Role: None
Positive Personality Trait 1: Determined
Positive Personality Trait 2: Kind
Positive Personality Trait 3: Cheerful
Positive Personality Trait 4: Friendly
Positive Personality Trait 5: Studious
Negative Personality Trait 1: Unreliable
Negative Personality Trait 2: Eccentric
Negative Personality Trait 3: No Common Sense
Negative Personality Trait 4: Clumsy
Negative Personality Trait 5: Stubborn
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5'6
Weight: 139 lbs
History: Golan had expected to live his entire life in the confines of the World of Twilight. He was raised with stories about the World of Light, a place filled with wonder and beauty, similar but very different as their own. He'd followed such stories ravenously, and he'd collected knowledge about them much more than any of his peers. His hunger for such knowledge eventually got him an apprenticeship to the castle librarian, and he took his duties seriously, save for his breaks to read. Little did he ever expect that he'd find a way to the world of light himself!

Taking the chance offered to him, he is tasked by his master to chronicle the events in the World of Light, and write things down so that the knowledge could be returned to the World of Twilight. However, his information is woefully outdated, his main references are near-sacred texts around before the Twili were sealed away in the first place, or almost immediately thereafter.
Extra: He carries around a pack filled with books taken from his library back in the World of Twilight. He has a small, ornamental sword, the gold filigree on the hilt worth far more than what it could provide in actual combat, and a knife. A few books in his collection are blank, and he has writing materials to fill them up with.
OOC Name: Smitejr
Other Characters: Shinzou Takai, Drystan Varth