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Name: Charlie (Charles) Stone
Race: Hylian
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Birth Season: Summer
Occupation: Wanderer
Homeland: The Great Sea
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Element: Time
Plot Role: Open
Positive Personality Trait 1: Ambitious
Positive Personality Trait 2: Communicative
Positive Personality Trait 3: Fearless
Positive Personality Trait 4: Hard-Working
Positive Personality Trait 5: Self-Confident
Negative Personality Trait 1: Boastful
Negative Personality Trait 2: Flirtaous
Negative Personality Trait 3: Impatient
Negative Personality Trait 4: Ruthless
Negative Personality Trait 5: Thoughtless
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5'9
Weight: 160lbs
History: Sometimes parents aren't always the nicest people. Charlie grew up as a bit of a street rat. He'd go home on occasion, only to enjoy the comforts of a warm bed, and food. He hated his parents, father beat him and mother expected to much. He wasn't good enough for them.

When he turned 16 he took to the streets, permanently. The weather in the Great Sea wasn't terrible so he wasn't in a lot of danger, in that sense. Charlie was sly, he learned quickly how to make a quick buck, pick pockets, steal food. He did what he had to. He grew up always watching the ships dock, one day he stowed away.

The captain didn't take too kindly to this little stowaway at first, however Stone was quiet charming, and the captain could see admirable qualities in him. Charlie didn't really mind being bossed around, but eventually someone was bound to over throw the captain. Sneaky, sneaky. He didn't get placed as captain, but moved up the ranks at least. Second mate, or just under? He wasn't entirely sure, but it was better than being at the bottom. However, he still lusted for more power.
Extra: He is quiet gay.
OOC Name: Kayln
Other Characters: Olive Flynwood, Icarus